Monday, July 11, 2011

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any better (viz. previous post on Brezel vending machines), behold! Spaghetti Ice Cream!
 This particular confection is ice cream extruded through some device that renders it in the shape of spaghetti. The "spaghetti" is topped with various sauces, making it look like, well, spaghetti. We weren't quite brave enough to try it, but we were brave enough to photograph it.

There are other variants of ice cream delights, all available at one of the many Eis Cafés around town--outdoor areas with 30-100 tables for people to come, eat crazy ice creams, and to enjoy the beautiful weather. The M&M and Mickey Mouse ice creams look particularly delightful...

Sara and I were brave enough to try pistachio, chocolate, cookie, hazelnut, and coconut surprise (perhaps the surprise was hazelnut, but we'll never know for sure). So far, so good. But boy, Mickey Mouse. I tell you what.


  1. Germans seem to eat a LOT of ice cream. At this place it's only possible to order one or two scoops for a child. If you're an adult you have to get at least three. These aren't Fenton's-sized scoops, but they're by no means tiny.

  2. This is straight out of Mark's dreams! I have to say, those are some crazy looking deserts. My favorite one is the one wearing a hat and holding an umbrella. Fantastic! Miss you guys. I'm loving the blog.

  3. Oh, I would have loved to try spaghetti icecream. I like food pretending to be other food.


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