Monday, July 4, 2011

Simple things

 A few things have amused us while in Düsseldorf: Sara thinks the trains and the "fast-food bakeries" (one on every corner) are funny. I think the illuminated park benches take the cake. At first I thought the benches were lit by the sun coming through the trees. Then, after I noticed that each bench was lit in the exact same way, I determined that it was either a feat of German arboreal engineering to get the sun to hit all of the benches identically, or they just lit the benches themselves. Judge for yourselves.


  1. "Arboreal engineering." Dork.

    Another funny thing is the tendency of Germans (or at least Düsseldorfers) to name their stores such and such paradies, as in the Krawatten Paradies (Tie Paradise) we saw today.

  2. The park bench lights make a lovely glow on Sara's face!

  3. "Arboreal engineering." I like it. And, yes, you are a dork. We'll miss you on Tuesday when we have international cuisine night with the boys. We'll have some bratwurst and think of you.

  4. I love the illumi-bench! Great idea as long as it's solar powered or even "arboreal" powered. Yes, D-U-C-K, dork. But a funny one at that.
    Can't wait to see them myself in person and eat some tasty baked treats.

  5. Cool benches. I bet they'd be freaky at night, though. Glad you're safely there and already having adventures!


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