Monday, July 11, 2011

Never Have I Ever...

...eaten bread delivered from a vending machine. Until today, that is. Yes, folks, right here, in our local Aldi store in Beuel, there is a vending machine which, upon pressing a button corresponding to either a loaf (three types available), a baguette, or ein Brezel, your still-warm baked delight will drop (or, for the loaves, be shot) into a holding compartment, waiting for you to grab it and bag it (or eat it). I've never seen anything quite like it, and, frankly, it's awesome.

The rest of Aldi is a discount market, with unbelievably cheap goods, and so far, they're not bad at all! Here's to saving Euros!


  1. Yes, apparently you can buy lots of interesting things from vending machines in Bonn:

  2. Hey! I used to work for the Aldi US corporate offices once upon a time in Chicago. I love the vending machine with bread, wish we had those in the states! Looks like you guys are on a grand adventure, wishing we could be there too!

  3. They have Aldi in the US? I had no idea. It's a great store. In addition to the vending machine bread we also got some ridiculously good chocolate sandwich cookies.


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