Sunday, August 21, 2011


There have been a few things that I've seen in Germany that have reminded my strongly of my time in Lithuania as a missionary ten years ago. The excellent public transportation. Soup mixes. Windows that open in two directions. However, nothing has reminded me of Lithuania so much as the fantastic sour cream here.  Called Schmand here (and gretinÄ— in Lithania), the sour cream is creamier, thicker, and by far more delicious than its USA counterpart. We had it most recently with a chili that we made, and it was fantastic. This goes with Nougatbrezeln (and other Brezeln), chocolate, and yogurt (Sara particularly likes Orange Stracciatella yogurt) in the category of foods that are way better here than in America.

(The text at the bottom: "Sour cream--also tasty on bread with chopped leeks!" Sounds like a gute Idee to me!

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