Sunday, June 10, 2012

German Drinking Games

A few months ago we received a tip from a friend and former resident of Germany saying that if he could have anything to eat from Germany he'd choose Döner Kebabs and Müllermilch. Döner you may have heard of--huge skewers of meat slowly rotating in a heater, part of which is shaved off into a bread sandwich with some salad and, if I have my way, a spicy sauce. Allegedly developed in Berlin and the canonical German street food, it's something that I like fairly well and that Sara tolerates occasionally. The Müllermilch is, as they say in Deutschland, total anders (completely different). We hadn't even tried one for a long time since they looked simply like expensive, flavored buttermilk in a bottle. Neither of us typically care for buttermilk, so we didn't bother. Until one day at the store, Sara decided to bring some home and we got hooked. This hooked:


I may have gone a little crazy, but we decided to try ALL of the flavors one day. (We'd only tried one or two before, so we decided to got bold.) If you can't see the picture clearly, we have (left to right) strawberry, cherry-banana, banana, pistachio-coconut, coconut, and vanilla. And yes, those are little tiny shot glasses in front. (I searched until I found a pack of disposable ones, so we wouldn't have to buy 12 real shot glasses.) How was it?



Sara struggling to keep a straight face.

Fantastic. (By the way, pistachio-coconut and vanilla are the best. And I recently discovered a buttermilk-ier version with lemon that is fabulous. Now we treat ourselves with Müllermilch whenever we lug groceries up the 79 stairs, thus countering any caloric deficit incurred by said lugging.)

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