Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meldrumhaus Search Term Roundup

Confession: I'm obsessed with blog statistics. Our blog (and I assume all others hosted by Blogger) shows us the number of views per day, week, month, or of all time and  the sources of our traffic sorted by country. (We have a surprisingly large number of Russian followers). I'm often accused of telling Sara that we need to blog "to keep up the stats! We need more views! Almost one thousand for the month!" My personal favorite "statistic," though, is the search term list: a list of the Google search keywords that send people to the Meldrumhaus. And they're hilarious. In an homage to some of our other favorite blogs that do this, here is the Meldrumhaus Search Term Roundup, Spring 2012 edition.

1. meldrumhaus
That's a gimme.

2. nougat brezel
A delicious and appropriate way to find the Meldrumhaus. Another gimme.

3. sparschwein
A brilliant word. We've been filling up our Sparschwein all winter for the traveling spree that is to come.

4. germknodel making machine
We've spoken of Germknödel before. It was gross. But a machine to make it? Is it even possible?

5. modest castle pic
We aim to make our blog family friendly, meaning that all of the people in photos are modestly dressed. However, the castles themselves are ANYTHING but modest.

6. take photo in snow germany with phone
Yup. Been there. Done that.

7. wooden sliding lid bottom secret compartment
These snuff boxes are elaborate enough to have secret compartments. So is the travel kit for Marie Louise with its own dental hygiene section.

8. adaptation of the monastery
Adapted for what?

9. cheesy hieroglyphics
One or the other. Definitely not both. Probably.

10. germans speak incorrectly
Actually, we speak incorrectly, but it's pretty much the same, right?

11. vampire castle eifel national park
This was a great way to learn about a different castle near us. It turns out that Burg Satzvey was recommended recently as one of Europe's top gems, yet undiscovered by the traveling masses. They do annual witches parties and Halloween parties. Maybe these are the vampires of legend? And it's only two hours away in our state of Nordrhein-Westfalen and it's cheap to get to on the weekend!

12. fanciest castles
Yes. Yes they are. In fact, our blog has entries titled, "The Fanciest Castle Ever," "A Fancy and AUTHENTIC Castle," and "Now THIS is the Fanciest Castle Ever." It's up to you to discern their relative levels of fanciness.

13. painting louvre sister squeezing nipple
You know, this is just an awesome sequence of words. Turns out it references an equally awesome painting.

14. schematic of chutes and ladders
I saw this and laughed to myself: "Who needs a schematic of chutes and ladders? The whole GAME is one big schematic." Then I realized that I actually made one: Chutes and Ladders Moving Day Edition. I still feel the pain from that day.

15. swiss chocolate train
We love Swiss chocolate. We love trains. I've even taken a train to Switzerland to buy chocolate, but a chocolate train? That's just fantastic and I want to ride!

16. photos of heinzelmannchen giving high fives



  1. Hilarious! I never knew that one could review the search terms that led someone to their I know!

  2. A fantastic posting, very enlightening while slightly troubling. Look forward to reading how your future posts are artfully written to produce desired search terms.


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