Sunday, February 5, 2012


Last Monday we woke up to snow--on the rooftops, on the trees, and on the tower of St. Jakob.


It snowed tiny sifted-flour flakes all day. And since then, it's been so cold that the snow has stayed. (Tyler says that though snow hasn't melted, some has sublimed. I've watched several kids try to throw snowballs at each other that disintegrate into powder in midair.) We've had highs in the teens for a week straight. (This is a big deal for a wimpy Californian like me.) Most of those days, though, we've had sunshine and beautiful blue skies. Yesterday we woke up to fresh snow on the roofs again. I love waking up to snow. (But I don't love how the skin of my hands has become like sandpaper and the static electricity in my hair could power a small appliance.) This is how our train station looked this morning on our way to church:


As I type this, the heat is on high in the two main rooms and we're both wrapped in blankets. This week the temperature is supposed to creep up into the twenties during the day. Wish us luck.

P.S. Whenever Tyler looks at the weather in our former home, he says, "Shut up, Albany!" The weather has been perfect there pretty much the entire seven months we've been gone.

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