Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fed the Addiction

This post needs very little text, but it carries a lot of weight with us. Behold:


We caved. On Friday we found a package deal with Agricola, Farmers of the Moor, and the animeeples for only 50 EUR (~$70). We're feeling so much more at home now.

FYI, the 2-player version is different from the 4-player one, but it's still fun. And Sara and I are tied, both having won one game, but Sara's margin of victory is greater than my own.

Oh, and so you can understand why setup, in particular reviewing our cards, takes a little while longer than it used to...



We really do require about 20 minutes to understand our cards. The good news is at least we understand them (with the context gleaned from over 200 games played in English). We're so happy.


  1. Holy crap! I am so proud of you guys playing the games in German! So glad you found something to make you feel a little more at home :)

  2. Yes, im impressed you are playing the game in german.

  3. I actually was wondering the other day how you two were getting your gaming fix. Glad problem is solved. :)

  4. Plus you can game and consider it German practice! So many useful words in Agricola --wet nurse, for example, and bog body.


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